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unchainedThe Dutch band theNAME just released their new album “Unchained”. This female fronted metalband played in the most prominent places in the Netherlands. Lets check out their new album.

theNAME comes from Haarlem in the Netherlands and this is their fifth album since 2002. “Unchained” contains 12 songs and the first impression is very good. The vocals are very good and also technically it sound good. The production from the album is certainly done very well.

The album starts with ‘Draw the Line’, a solid rock song. The female vocals are really nice, this lady can sing very well. Musically its fits very well together. It continues with ‘Radiate’, a bit more quieter song with some grunts. ‘Masquerade’ sounds nice, some head banging parts altered by some more melodic parts, this should sound live awesome. ‘Twisted’ starts interesting and takes nicely off with some guitar riffs, followed by nice soft vocals. Its build up to a more faster song, altered by slower parts, very nice. ‘Image’ has some interesting parts with nice drums and guitar riffs. ’Missed’ is again a nice rock song, with some added male vocals (grunts). ‘One’ starts of very quiet as a ballad but then all power is released. Add again some more quiet parts with some nice guitar solo’s and you have it all. This lady sure has a voice. ‘Restricted starts more heavier than the other songs. Also in this song more quieter parts altered with more firm parts.

‘Fight’ really kicks of fast with screaming guitars solo’s. Very nice. Also added some nice clean male vocals, which add something to the song. I really like the fast drumming in this song. Personally this is my favorite song of the album. Last song is ‘Into my Dream’ and this starts something different. Monastery Rock is the first thing that pops in my mind. But the guitar an drums scream it away followed by the now well knows vocals.

To conclude this album: Nicely done. The songs are different, but they somewhat look a bit alike. If they manage to make it a bit more varied, they turn from good to great! Also what puzzles me a bit is the central theme of the album. That’s not clear to me. If it comes out better, its adds to the album.

Looking forward seeing them perform live.

Rating: 7,5/10

1. Draw The Line
2. Radiate
3. Masquerade
4. Imperfect
5. Twisted
6. Image
7. Missed
8. One
9. Restricted
10. Fight
11. Cruel Thoughts
12. Into My Dream

Band members:
Hadassa – Vocals
Silas – Guitar/Grunt
Rens – Guitar
Mike – Bass

“Endless Remorse” [2002]
“Remedy” [2004]
“Recognition” [2006]
“Enchained” ep, [2009]
“Unchained” [2013]

Record label: V2 Records, Nov. 2013

Weblinks: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Interview with theNAME [May 2013]

Video below for ‘Imperfect’



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