‘The World Will Burn’ Releases ‘We All Die Alone’ Lyric Video


International hard rock act The World Will Burn has released a lyric video for the track ‘We All Die Alone,’ which comes off its April 11, 2017 Retroactive Records sophomore album “RuiNation.” Consisting of American guitarist Alan Zaring and New Zealand based vocalist Dale Thompson (Bride)The World Will Burn got its start in January of 2016 with its independently released debut full length “Severity.”

The two have been working together remotely to create music that transcends culture, language, and genres. Hence, how TWWB focuses on emotion and passion instead of commercial pressure.

With over 20 studio albums released to date, Thompson, is best known as front man for the band Bride. His vocals are legendary and he is consistently considered one of the top singers in heavy music worldwide. Dale takes his talents to new heights with TWWB.

Zaring is a multi-instrumentalist who has been a part of numerous projects of all genres through the years. He has focused his efforts into the music of his passion, which is heavy, hook-filled, guitar driven rock. On RuiNation he handles guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and drum programming.

“There are a lot of songs about war and soldiers, but ‘We All Die Alone’ is a little different,” states Zaring. “It really wraps up all of the emotions and feelings about the armed services, including the confusion, frustration, and fear that they often feel. We are blessed every day by those that face these threats and those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice. In the end, we all take our last breath and slip into eternity by ourselves. My hat is off in tribute to these brave men and women.”

“My two oldest sons Alex and Zachary both served in the military,” says Thompson. “I had uncles that served in WWII. My biggest regret is that I did not serve myself, but God has other plans. This song is dedicated to all the men and women and even service animals that have served in the U.S. military. As a patriotic American, I am in awe of the bravery and sacrifice that has been given to keep America free. Our freedom means freedom for other countries and people as well. For a lot of American blood has been spilled on foreign soil to liberate people we hardly knew. Thank God for blessing the United States military. And thanks to all who have served. This song is my anthem for all of them.”

According to its press material, the goal of TWWB is “to create modern metal music that sounds different than most of the other offerings currently available. It seems heavy music fans have two choices: either bands from twenty years ago that haven’t changed musically or newer bands that all sound alike. TWWB, in contrast, successfully captures the groove of classic rock bands but with a modern approach.”


“RuinNation” track listing:

1. Love To Hate
2. Welcome To The Freak Show
3. We All Die Alone
4. King For A Day
5. Child Of Tomorrow
6. Burn
7. Time
8. Nothing At All
9. What Goes Around Comes Around
10. All Things

Our review of The World Will Burn‘s debut album“Severity”can be found here.

In December of last year we did an interview with Dale. You can read it here.

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Lyric video for ‘We All Die Alone’

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