The Roxx Regime Demos LP Limited Edition Now Available (The Beginning of Stryper)


Extremely limited to 1,000 colored vinyl records for’s 20th Anniversary! The vinyl color is completely random. Colors, shades and opacities will vary from one record to the next. Since these records are sealed in shrink-wrap, we do not know what colors are available nor what color customers might receive.

No two records will look exactly the same!

This is the original Roxx Regime demo from 1983, with bonus tracks not included on the 2007 CD release. Before the major label record deals; before the multi-platinum albums; before chart-topping videos…there was Roxx Regime. This is the way Stryper sounded before they were Stryper. A must-have limited-release collector’s item for the Stryper fan!

Track Listing

Side One:

1. From Wrong to Right
2. My Love I’ll Always Show (original rock version)
3. Loud ‘N Clear
4. You Know What To Do
5. You Won’t Be Lonely

Side Two:

1. Co’mon Rock
2. Tank (Robert Sweet drum solo)
3. My Love I’ll Always Show (alternate demo)
4. Loud N Clear (alternate demo)
5. You Won’t Be Lonely (alternate demo)
6. Honestly




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