The Princess Project featuring Robert Sweet Reissue Announced


Roxx Records uncovers a long lost and out of print Christian metal GEM! Are you ready for the female fronted metal of Judah Mikah? What about guitars from Chris Steberl of Project Alcazar? Not enough for you? What about a project featuring drums played by the Visual Time Keeper Robert Sweet (Stryper) himself? Well get ready we’re taking you on another journey as we remaster and reissue “A Glow In The Dark Ages”.

First let’s take a listen to the track ‘Blood Brother’ below.

Princess Project was formed by Judah Mikah as she recruited Chris Stebrel who had originally wrote several of these tracks for his band ‘Project Alcazar’, and Steve Theado also came aboard to write a couple songs for this project. Next Judah would recruit the one and only Robert Sweet of Stryper to record the drum tracks for this long lost recording. The result was ‘A Glow In The Dark Age’ a 7 track album with heavy riffing, drumming and killer metal vocals.

Alas, like many amazing metal bands that tried to make a go of it in the mid 90’s the band would be very short lived. Never playing any live shows at all, and the only remnants of this classic band is the recording you are about to hear. “A Glow In The Dark Age” was originally only released on CD in 1996 in a very short run, and never has it been pressed to vinyl, until now.

Track Listing

1. Forgiven 5:14
2. Deliver Me 4:45
3. The Gate 3:58
4. Blood Brother 3:02
5. Serpents Son 3:17
6. Hatchet 1:47
7. Driftwood

Pre-order: Roxx Records / Nordic Mission

Video for Blood Brother

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