‘The Order Of Elijah’ – Entire New Album “War at Heart” Available for Streaming


the order of elijah_2016Missouri-based metal act The Order Of Elijah will release their new album, “War at Heart” on January 8 via Luxor Records. In anticipation, the band has teamed up with Revolver to premiere the entire album stream! The album can also be streamed in the video below.

The Order Of Elijah is a 4 piece band based out of SW Missouri. After releasing their 2013 album “Dethrone,” The Order began touring the midwest and west coast. The single ‘New Line of Defense’ has been featured on many media outlets worldwide. After stepping away from Rottweiler Records the band has hit the ground running.  Preparing their sophomore album, entitled “War at Heart” which will be released on Jan. 8th. 2016. The band’s music consists of massive guitar assaults & guttural screams of power entwined with tenacious rhythms, dynamically placed between soul pounding breakdowns.

The world is ate up. One of the most commonly asked questions to The Order Of Elijah is “Are you a religious band.” While religion can introduce people to experience or express love and compassion, it is also guilty of being a primary progress for hate, war, and judgment. There is an over-obvious corruption that many churches and cultures have adapted to the words of Jesus Christ. When Shannon Low (vocalist) and Bryan Cox (guitarist) originally formed The Order Of Elijah in 2009, they began with a vision to bring awareness and express some unspoken facts on this issue. After being shunned by many peers, churches, and religious communities for the message they bring, The Order Of Elijah has remained relentless and aggressively answered to every aspect with an unashamed backhand to the face. The Order is passionate about the life of Christ, but feels that many modern day religious leaders are easily compared to Biblical Pharisees.

“The ‘turn-or-burn’ message is garbage. It infects the mind in such an ugly and forceful way. I believe God wants us to be tolerant, open-minded to evolve with modern culture, and somehow learn to have some love in this day in age.” –Shannon Low


01 Heresy
02 War at Heart
03 Tyler Durden
04 God’s Unwanted Children
05 From the Dusk
06 From the Dawn
07 All American Plague
08 Jennifer Mckenzie vs. The Vampire Slayer
09 Haunted
10 The Art of Forgiveness
11 Beautiful


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Video below: “War at Heart” (Album Stream)

Lyric Video ‘God’s Unwanted Children’

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