‘The Lead’ Rehearsel Video Posted


Rob Christie and Julio Rey rehearsing one of the new tunes, Religion No Rite, for their upcoming EP. The video can be seen below.

The Lead was one of the very first Christian punk bands to emerge from the fledgling Christian underground in the mid-1980’s. Their career spanned the years 1984 through 1991. The Lead helped pioneer Christian punk music. They were one of the first bands to break the mold of the traditional, Christian music of the early 1980s. Their sound was heavily influenced by the punk rock scene in Southern California.

In the 1980s they recorded prolifically, played three Cornerstone Festivals and briefly toured the eastern half of the U.S. three times. Their style of music changed as the years passed, starting from a base of pure punk into hardcore and then finally crossing over into thrash.

The bands they played with, either as openers or headliners, included Suicidal Tendencies, DRI, MDC, Marginal Man, Cynic, Bloodgood, the Crucified, Believer, Whitecross, One Bad Pig, Deliverance, Vengeance Rising,and Crashdog.

Band members:
Julio Rey – vocals, guitar
Robbie Christie – drums, vocals
Nina Llopis – bass, vocals

The Lead,1985
Return Fire, 1986
Automoloch, 1986
The Past Behind, 1987
The Past Behind (new recording), 1988
Burn This Record, 1989
Hardcore For Jesus, 2006

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