Rap/Rock Band 20 LB Sledge Drops Lyric Video for ‘Electric Exodus’


Here is title track to the amazing new album “Electric Exodus” by rap/rock band 20LB Sledge. For fans of bands like P.O.D., 20LB Sledge is right up your alley.
Available on Roxx Records.

California based band 20 Lb Sledge. The brainchild of Alfonzo Rachel this is the second release from 20 Lb Sledge after the critically acclaimed debut album “Divine Battery”brought this amazing band to the forefront of the Christian rock and metal scene. Well for this second release entitled “Electric Exodus” the band brought Todd Stevens (aka XL) in to the fold to handle the lead vocals on this one. What we have here is one hard hitting, heavy and groovy record to unleash.

The sound of 20 LB Sledge slams like Sonic Body Blows with sophisticated yet steady beefy rhythms marinated in juicy melodies. The vocals bark with a bite of the gospel gone grizzly, with flows sweet like freedom and the grit it takes to keep it. The lyrics bridge the generations from snotty teens to old farts without relying on nasty language. Dirty Sound! Clean Message!

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Video for ‘Electric Exodus’

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