New ‘Frühstück’ Song Available for Streaming ‘November Rain’, New Album “Brother” Coming Soon


fruhstuck_logo‘November Rain’ is the new single by Polish/Dutch rockband Frühstück, the song appears on their upcoming album “Brother” which will be released by Luna Music. The song can be streamed in the video below.

The nupcoming album will be the follow-up to “Story” which has been released in April 2014.

Frühstück [pronounced ‘froosh-tuk’, which loosely translates to ‘breakfast’ in German] was formed in 1997. After some lineup adjustments, Frühstück is Martijn Krale, formely No Longer Music [vocals], Wojtek Karel [bass], Tomek Kuzbik [drums], and Marcin Karel [guitars].

Lyrics: ‘November Rain’

Ride your bike through grazing fields
You hear the wind, mess up your hair
The icy rain soaks your jeans
The road is flat, yet feels uphill
Even cows turn their backs on you
You keep turning those wheels

November rain, it tears apart
Clouds like smoke over fire
November rain, it cleans your heart
And you go on

Every now and every then
you look back and see where you’ve been
you’ve already conquered many dark days
Meter by meter, stripe by stripe
You’ve gotten a lot stronger
You’re not where you want to be,
but you’re on the way



Upcoming Shows:
Dec. 11 – Bonfire, Dordrecht (NL)

Weblinks: Facebook / iTunes

Video below: ‘November Rain’

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