The End Of An Era ‘YoungSide Records’ Closes Its Doors


After 18 years of faithful service to its artists and the music industry worldwide, YoungSide Records will be closing its doors for good on December 31, 2012.

The music distribution technology trend toward digital download, now established as the preferred medium, has brought YoungSide‘s preference for physical distribution media to a point where supply exceeds demand.

“I’m blessed to have incredible memories from cutting my teeth in the music industry with North Carolina’s rock band Final Destiny back in 1994, to my time managing Disciple from 1996 to 2002” says YoungSide’s owner and President Arlene Marais.  “And my partnership with Lasse of Bullroser Records introduced me and the YoungSide world to wonderful talent from Europe”, she continued.  “It’s been very gratifying to partner with so many world class bands including Nailed (USA), The Awakening (USA/South Africa), Ashton Nyte (USA/South Africa), Saviour Machine (USA), Junker Jorg (USA), Kaimana (Hawaii), Bridgeshadows (USA), Codigo Eterno (Honduras), Circus Dawn (USA), Coriolis (USA), Templar (Australia), Luther-N (Hawaii), Conspiracy Of Thought (USA), Red Fist Revolution (USA), and Fruhstuck (Poland).”

YoungSide’s distribution agreement signed with Maanalainen Levykauppa / Bullroser Records (Finland) in 2009 opened the door for American music lovers to some of Europe’s most talented bands including Deuteronomium, Enshrouding, G-Powered, HB, Hilastherion, In Process, Kaemo, Lumina Polaris, Megiddon, Mehida, Miriam, Pain Remains, Rammas Atas, Random Eyes, Renascent, Sacrecy, Sawol, Scandinavian Metal Praise, Sotahuuto and VIP.

“After almost two decades in the music industry, it is time for me to retire” Arlene concluded.

After a recent internal YoungSide announcement, tributes came pouring in.  With permission from their contributors, a few are shared below.

“Arlene has pretty much single-handedly run a label with integrity, releasing artists and music she’s loved, able to translate her passion into a label that actually got stuff done and released a slew of good albums along the way.”

Doug Van Pelt [Editor, HM Magazine]

“My relationship with Arlene goes back close to fifteen years.  In that time, she has been a mentor, counselor, advocate, prayer partner and most importantly a friend.  God used her and YoungSide to push me forward both artistically and spiritually and because of her, I had the privilege to stand on many stages that I would have never gotten the chance otherwise to stand on.  Without her valuable input and prayer support, I wouldn’t even be standing where I am today.  It was an honor and a privilege to have worked with her and to call her friend. I am sure that I am not alone in remembering that countless lives that were impacted directly or indirectly by Arlene and YoungSide Records and I am again honored to have been a part of it. God gave me the ability to scream, YoungSide made sure that I was heard…”

Ken Lemery aka KL Noise [Wedding Party/Bridgeshadows]

“From our first meeting at the Cornerstone Festival in 2009 Arlene was with us! Her enthusiasm and true desire to see God’s work through art has encouraged me to take chances, to hear Christ’s voice and move. It has been an honor to say that we are a part of the YoungSide family.”

Ben Stewart [Conspiracy Of Thought/Red Fist Revolution]

“In our fifteen years history and our humble perspective of the music business, we rarely came across such a graceful attitude demonstrated by YoungSide Records, represented by Arlene Marais. In a business that strangely is reigned often by greed and egoism, we felt that YoungSide was in it for the right reasons. Arlene Marais has expressed a part of the heart of God that says: “Go For It!  I will help you.” We worked on our last CD for almost seven years, and we got quite discouraged. It would most probably not have been released yet if it wasn’t for the encouragement and practical help of Arlene. We are honored and thankful that we were on the YoungSide Artist List for a few good years…”

Martijn Krale [Fruhstuck]

“If anyone has ever been in any kind of contact with Arlene and the rest of YoungSide Records, you already know.  Not only have you been in touch with professionals, but true friends of God.  I am truly grateful for YoungSide Records, first of all, for Roger liking our CD when your mom thought it was just alright, for giving us a chance to be a part of the YoungSide family, and for supporting us through all our difficulties on the road and in the studio.  Arlene and Malcolm were more than just our label they were our friends who would even let us stay in at their house when we were on the road.  They were always fair in their business dealings with us and had our best interest in mind. Those of us who had the opportunity to work with Arlene and the rest of the YoungSide family are deeply and truly blessed beyond measure.  They will be missed.  Attention YoungSide artists… raise your glasses… let’s hear it for Arlene Marais and YoungSide Records!!  Love you guys.”

Shane Sowers [Junker Jorg, Kaimana, and Luther-N]

“Because of YoungSide’s efforts we have had the opportunity to sow into kids’ lives as well as soldiers’ and overseas combatants’ lives thru your distribution and donations. I sincerely appreciate the time you spent in creating promotional campaigns and radio airplay to get others to hear our style of metal and electronica.  Being an Australian band, your advice was also very helpful and gave us new perspectives on available opportunities overseas. You have generated a wonderful way to help the Alternative Christian music industry in a positive way.  Again, thank you so much for your help. I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided me and my band.”

Ralph E Dix aka Raphael [Templar]

“While I celebrate your retirement … I mourn the loss of your guidance and support for all of these wonderful bands that are proclaiming the Gospel! You have certainly earned this time of rest and I also know that the Lord has many jewels and treasures credited to your account because of the impact you have had on so many lives!”

Pastor Samme Palermo [HeirChex Digital Servicing]

“I feel so honored and humbled to have enjoyed and shared this musical journey with so many” Arlene continued, “but now that my children are all grown and married and having children, I’m looking forward to spending more time enjoying my grandchildren and sharing with them my love for the Lord and my love of music!  I’m truly thankful for the lasting friendships and faithful support received for YoungSide and all our bands over the years.”

“If you haven’t already done so, please stop by during the month of December and pick up some great music at bargain prices before some of them disappear for good!”



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