‘The Beckoning’ Releases Full Lenght ‘Demystifying The Oracle’ [Pay What You Want]


This band is very unkown [at least to me] The Beckoning from Canada is a melodic gothic / doom metal band.  Consisting of  duo Roy and Meghann Turple supported by guest musicians.

They released a demo last year [2010], and have been featured on a few compilations, but have just recently released their full-length Demystifying The Oracle.  If you like bands as Saviour Machine, Amorphis, Far Beyond, Virgin Black, Dark Tranquility, Tristania, Parameacium, Draconian etc. Go to their bandcamp page [link below], listen to it and support them by buying the album. [Artwork and tracklist can be viewed below].

The Beckoning‘ is an Avant Garde/Goth-Metal band from Saint John,New Brunswick, Canada that fuses the aggression of Extreme Metal with the majestic ambience of Gothic soundscapes. Founded by Meghann and Roy Turple the pair combine their influences together in a songwriting formula that is both unorthodox and organic. The Beckoning is an artistic expression that refuses to succumb to genre boundaries and artistic integrity is paramount in the band’s approach to it’s craft. An amalgamation of Gothic, Doom, and Melodic Death Metal along with the Avant Garde musings the band is known to exhibit, The Beckoning finds a home among those who appreciate the marriage of the ethereal and extreme.

1.Bloodlet 05:44
2.Withered 08:17
3.Beyond The Dark 03:08
4.The Wrath To Come 05:40
5.Clothed In Crimson 07:00
6.Wielder Of Plagues 06:32
7.An Omen In The Dark 06:33

Roy Turple: lead vocals, drums, lyrics
Meghann Turple: vocals, keyboards, piano
Andy Stevens – guitars on tracks 1,4,5,7
Tim Davidson – bass on tracks 1,4,5,7
Nathan Byers – Arpeggio [guitar] and opening lead on track 7
Eddie Risdal – guitar and bass on track 2
Nic Porter – guitars and bass on track 6

Bloodlet [demo] 2010
Track1: Bloodlet
Track2: An Omen in the Dark
Demystifying The Oracle [full lenght] 2011

‘The Killing Fields’ [Warclub Records Comp] 2011
‘Cyber 10 Dark Nights’ [Cyber 10 Records] 2011
‘Songs That Made an Impact 2011’ [coming soon]
‘Canadian Metal Assault’ 2011 [Voices of the underground]

Weblinks: Facebook / Bandcamp

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