‘The Bearded Dragon Productions’ to Re-Release Flactorophia’s Debut Album “Redemption of the Flesh”


The Bearded Dragon Productions is proud to present it’s debut release. Flactorophia has been an unknown act for years, and here’s why. On April 20, 2008, Jose Barragan passed away in a fire, alongside 14 others, including five members of Zelestial. The album, “Redemption of the Flesh,” was released however, which is why the album is being re-released. The album is brutal and exhibits the fastest and heaviest of grindcore. It will not disappoint.

Track listing:
Regurgitation Demons Outside the Human Flesh
In the Heart of God
Where Is Your Daughter
One Question & One Answer (Vomitorial Corpulence cover)
Provider of Love
The Sin Eater
Scream in the Darkness
Hidden Track [Instrumental]

All instrumentation and vocals done by Jose Barragan. All lyrics composed by Jose Barragan, save for ‘One Question & One Answer’, which was written by Paul Green, Mark Hamilton, and Chris Valentine on Vomitorial Corpulence. Remixed and Remastered by Mason Beard. All Right Reserved.

Available for Free Download on April 20, 2018: Bandcamp


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