The Bearded Dragon Productions Presents “Back In The Day: An Old​-​School Album” (Name Your Price)


The Bearded Dragon Productions brings you an new-school-old-school-throwback comp with some big names of Christian metal/hardcore genres. The digital Album
is available for Streaming + Download.

“When was the last time you heard a compilation with some of these names?” states The Bearded Dragon Productions founder Mason Beard. Back in the day, there were several heavy bands that influenced a lot of different crowds. The compilation features the genres of hardcore, early-metalcore (aka the good stuff), thrash metal, death metal, grindcore, groove metal, technical metal, black metal and even some rapcore.

“We’ve got all of it. The only genre I think isn’t on this compilation is like power-violence or viking metal or something like that. If you like heavy compilations and a variety of styles to choose from, this one is for you.”

The compilation is dedicated to Damien Percy, the former drummer of Terraphobia and Mortification, who passed away on February 7, 2018. May this remain here on Earth, while he celebrates his new life in Heaven.

1. Heaven’s Force – Aggressive Angel 03:33
2. Ethereal Scourge – Judgement & Restoration 06:07
3. Josiah – Verona Forgotten 04:57
4. Tortured Conscience – No Ambiguity 05:13
5. Aletheian – A Cold Dark Whisper 03:48
6. Terraphobia – Hell on Earth 03:46
7. Embodiment 12:14 – Love Conquers All 03:27
8. Sleeping By The Riverside – Vincere Vel Mori 03:04
9. xDISCIPLEx A.D. – Eyewitness 02:17
10. Overcome – Equilibrium 07:18
11. No Innocent Victim – To the Death 01:39
12. Point of Recognition – No One Gets Out Alive 02:37
13. Frost Like Ashes – Adorers of Blood 06:05
14. Every Day Life – Look 04:23
15. Recon – Eternal Destiny 05:46
16. Mortification – Eternal Lamentation 06:30
17. Eightball Cholos – They Don’t Know Him 03:38
18. Soul Embraced – Cleansed 04:21
19. Crimson Thorn – Beaten Beyond 04:19


All songs owned by bands and the following labels: Frontline Records, Facedown Records, Blood & Ink Records, Morphine Records, Indie Vision Music and The Metal Onslaught. All songs composed by performing bands and members. All Rights Reserved. ***

The Bearded Dragon’s Metal is a blog run by Mason Beard, a Christian Heavy Music fan, who wants to promote bands with large followings or occasionally none. In 2018, he started The Bearded Dragon Productions and has several releases for the coming year.

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