Testimony of Apocalypse (Sacrament Members) Releases New Single ‘When We Were Dead’ (feat. Brian Lyda)


Testimony of Apocalypse teams up with Brian Lyda on vocals (Burial Extraction) on the second single of their upcoming release with Roxx Records

“Our first single ‘Ghost’ has been out for 2 months  and the response has been uplifting. We knew going into making an album with multiple singers that it could be difficult, and while creating new music always has its challenges, this group has come together (with some artists even helping one another with writing their featured song) to make something really special.”

“The Offering” is the most appropriate name for this album. Everyone involved has given this 100% of their effort, sacrificing time & resources to make this happen!” And now we present you the second single from this much anticipated new album.

When We Were Dead’ is also released today via Bandcamp, and streaming sites this Friday July 28th.
In addition to Nick Pacitti (Guitars) and Paul Graham (drums) ‘When We Were Dead’ features Brian Lyda on vocals, Derek Corzine on Bass, Cameron Nealey on lead guitar.

*Mixed by Derek Corzine Corzine Studio. Mastered by Rob Colwell (Bombworks Records)
Courtesy of Roxx Records.

We were dead in our sin and in our trespasses.
In shadows of darkness, we dwelt with vile intent when we were dead.

When We Were Dead
When We Were Dead

As lifeless carcasses, our wages reaping death; embracing hell, wretched; we sleep in graves restless.
With throats like open graves, deceitful and depraved, we were dead, like corpses; with no hope to be

When We Were Dead
When We Were Dead

Buried and raised to life for the ungodly; Christ came to die, while we were enemies of God, but now we are justified in Christ!

Now in Christ, saved by grace and in the coming age, we’ll see the richness of the Father’s holy grace.

We are alive!
We are alive!
We are alive!
We are alive!

Glory be to the King, Jesus the worthy lamb who holds the keys to death and to Hades who lives forever on the throne of victory.

Salvation is a gift that we cannot boast in, called to do good works and through Christ, we walk in them.
God’s holy saints are saved through God’s mercy and grace.
We will not fear the grave as we once did when we were dead!

When We Were Dead
When We Were Dead
We Were Dead


Video for ‘When we were Dead’

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