‘Switchfoot’ Relaunches ‘Friends Of The Foot’ Fan Club For Free


Switchfoot has just announced the relaunch of their fan club–AKA “Friends of the Foot”--as a free perks-filled elite fan club that no longer requires fans to shell out money to be a part of. To sweeten the deal, anyone who signs up will get an exclusive live 3-song EP of songs recorded at the John M. Perkins Benefit show on September 29, 2010. Visit www.switchfoot.com for details on signing up and check out some of the announced details below…

Membership Details
* Free Membership or donate to the John M. Perkins Foundation
* Meet and Greets: VIP tickets including Meet and Greet passes and early entry will be available for purchase during Tour pre-sales
* Receive exclusive updates on Switchfoot News, Tours etc.
* Free Merch ie. Stickers etc. at Switchfoot Headline shows (when available)
* Occasional digital coupons to be used towards purchases at Switchfoot online store
* Receive free download of 3 Live Switchfoot tracks recorded at John M Perkins Benefit on September 29, 2010

Attention: Existing Members from 2011
* Current members of Friends of the Foot will continue to receive ALL paid membership benefits for the remainder of the membership period
* When signed in, your store discounts will still apply
* You will continue to have access to Meet & Greet events
* You are automatically a member of the new free version of Friends of the Foot, and will be included in all new benefits

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