Swiss Thrash Metal Band ‘freaKINGS’ : ‘Brain Dead’ (Feat. Damir Eskic – Gonoreas) Preview Posted Online


Thrash death metal band from Basel, Switzerland freaKINGS has checked in with the following update regarding their upcoming “Toxic End” album:

“Did we mention that there are two guest musicians featured on our upcoming album “Toxic End”?We present: Damir Eskic, he’s the guitarist of Heavy/power Metaller Gonoreas! He created an amazing guitar solo, have a look!”

“Toxic End” will be released on the 6th of March. Markus Eck’s Metalmessage PR will be assisting them on gaining world dominance and improving media presence.

freaKINGS latest album “Gladiator” has been released September 1st. 2014 “Gladiator” is the follow-up to “No Way Out” which came out in 2011 as an independent release.

If you’re missing old-school thrash metal, do whatever you need to find freaKINGS latest release “Gladiator.” To give you an idea, we’re talking the sounds and speed of Vengeance Rising, Mortification, Deliverance, and even old Slayer and Kill Em All era Metallica, where machine gun fire drums and riffs abound.

Put very simply, freaKINGS is a thrash metal band from Basel, Switzerland. Gladiator is their second release, with their debut No Way Out coming out in 2011. The recording process for Gladiator was similar to No Way Out in that the band recorded in their rehearsal space and mixing/mastering done by Christoph at Iguana Studios in Germany. As they are currently not on a label, Gladiator is an independent release.

The entire review of “Gladiator” can be found here.

The band consists of: Simon Straumann – Drums, Toby Straumann – Bass, Jonathan Brutschin – Guitar & Vocals.



Upcoming Shows:
8 April 2017 –  Swiss Metal Attack, Konzertfabrik Z7 – Pratteln, Switzerland

Weblinks: Facebook  / Website / Reverbnation

Video below: ‘Brain Dead’ (Preview)

Lyric Video: ‘Wave of Pain’

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