Swiss Hardrock Project ‘Rainforce’ (Feat Members of Pÿlon) Debuts First Single ‘Feed Me (I’m Hungry)’


Rainforce is a brand new hard rock project founded by guitarist and songwriter Andy La Morte (formerly involved in bands like Pÿlon, Disobedience & Thankful Heart) in conspiracy with his brother in crime, Matt Brand, the mastermind of Swiss doomsters Pÿlon himself, as the bass player and co-producer. They are joined by South Germany’s finest drummer, Benjamin Mann (Power of God). Although he is an absolute prog metal freak, he crossed the river Rhine to get this Swiss engine running. The lead vocals are handled by Maltese singer Jordan Cutajar (Nomad Son & others, including a stint in Pÿlon) whose voice is as unique as it is variable, which makes him the perfect singer for Rainforce.

These four guys are currently preparing a pure old-school hard rock album entitled “Lion’s Den”. You may expect some true, intense, strong and powerful hard’n’heavy tracks, both musically and lyrically! You can listen to the first single ‘Feed Me (I’m Hungry)’ below.

Rainforce will be joined by some friends and companions, who will bring their talents and influences into this project. We will reveal our special guests at a later time. We will keep you posted.

Lyrics: ‘Feed Me’ (I’m Hungry)

The world tells us what we have to do
To live a life in joy
Look at the papers, watch TV
And you know what I mean
But at the end of the day
Which of all these things can save?
There is no life, there is no hope
In all those earthly things.

But I want to make a difference

Feed me – I’m hungry
Feed me – I’m thirsty
Feed me with the bread of life

Feed me – I’m hungry
Feed me – I’m thirsty
I long to drink from the living water

The Bible says you are the way
That leads us to eternity
You are the bread, the water to drink
And you know what we need.
But we are looking for satisfaction
Everywhere we can
‘cause we are all still hungry
But we have forgotten your promises.

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Video below: ‘Feed Me’

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