Swedish Power Metal Band ‘Mad Hatter’ (Feat. ‘Morning Dwell’ Members) Drops ‘Go’ Drum Play-through Video


Mad Hatter is a Power Metal act from Sweden and was founded by Petter Hjerpe and Alfred Fridhagen (Morning Dwell) in 2017. The band produces high quality Power Metal combined with Heavy Metal influences.

Mad Hatters self-titled debut LP  is released February 23 via Art Gate Records. Check out the drum play-through video for their second single ‘Go’ by Alfred Fridhagen below.

After recording the whole self-titled debut “Mad Hatter”, both Petter and Alfred needed live musicians to take their project to the stage so Eric Rauti and Magnus Skoog joined the band to form a complete tandem.

Now Mad Hatter Is ready to take the world with some energetic and powerful Metal!

“Mad Hatter” tracklist:

1. Mad Hatter Shine
2. The Gunslinger
3. Dancing Light
4. Fly Away
5. Go
6. Phantom Riders
7. Face The Truth
8. Vengeance In His Mind
9. Bring Me The Moon
10. Mad Hatter Become
11. Death Angel Sings (Bonus Track)

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Video for ‘Go’ (drum play-through video)

Lyric video for ‘Face The Truth’

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