Cruentis, ‘Alpha & Omega’ – Exclusive Lyric Video Premiere


Melodic Death Metal band Cruentis have teamed up with The Metal Resource to bring you the exclusive premiere of the new lyric video for ‘Alpha & Omega’ The song appears on their second album ”Alpha & Omega” which will be released on April 27th via Nosral Recordings. The video can be watched below.

Cruentis is originating in British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada. While there is the common ground of pummeling rhythm, haunting choirs and soaring leads, their unique sound is never the same song to song, drawing inspiration from bands across the metal spectrum, such as Dimmu Borgir, Kalmah, Amon Amarth, Opeth and many more. The band was formed by guitarist/vocalist Tyler DeMerchant and bassist/vocalist Jesse Dean.

Cruentis never shy away from exploring other genres of metal and each piece of work is unique in its own way, while maintaining dark melodic chord progressions and bone-crushing riffs. The lyrics are deeply rooted in the personal life experiences of the band members and the harsh realities of life often left unspoken.

Their debut album “Cold Stone” has been self-released in May 2016.  It features their diverse sounds and challenging lyrical content, which flows from a deep commitment to their beliefs in Jesus Christ. Their inspiration was summed up by a member of the band in an interview with us as follows: “I think I speak for all of us when I say Christ is the centre. [We] have no purpose outside of Him. Everything stems from that.“

The entire interview can be found at this location.

Our review of “Cold Stone” can be found here.


1. Unbroken
2. Reclaimed
3. Alpha & Omega
4. All Hail Nothing
5. Silence Of The Sands

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Nosral Recordings is a new lo-fi Christian extreme metal label launched in May 2017 by Michael John Larson. He played guitar for Frost Like Ashes and sang for World Funeral before he was a Christian. It’s always been his dream to form a label.

We love Jesus and metal music.

Currently we are looking for active bands and projects to release. Please send all submissions to Nosral Recordings will maintain it’s autonomy, but will be under the wing of Rottweiler Records as well.

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Lyric video for ‘Alpha & Omega’


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