Stryper Frontman Michael Sweet says “What I’m Pretty Disturbed About are the People That are Either Joking About Suicide and or Who are Angry and Due to Their Anger, Making Ridiculously Insensitive Comments”


Stryper frontman Michael Sweet responds on his facebook to the ridiculously insensitive comments that people make, on the news of the death of Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington:

I’ve been reading a lot of comments about Chester and suicide today. It’s an extremely sensitive subject and obviously a very big problem in our society & world today. Many people struggle with depression and loneliness and sadly sometimes it leads to loss of life.

What I’m pretty disturbed about are the people that are either joking about suicide and or who are angry and due to their anger, making ridiculously insensitive comments. That pisses me off!

We often feel the need (or feel we have the right) to chime in on things that we know nothing about. Obviously this is something that we need to work harder at (helping and reaching people) but the last thing we need to do is joke about it and call people cowards because they committed suicide. There lies the problem people – ignorant thoughts and comments from people who aren’t walking in the shoes of those who we have lost because of suicide.

Families and friends of these souls are grieving and torn apart. The last thing they need to see or read is some moron spouting off about the loved one that they just lost. What the hell is wrong with this world? Calling someone a coward who just took their life? Wow!

It’s cowardly to joke about it and it’s cowardly to go on a rant about why you think they were cowardly for doing it. Unbelievable……
Let’s pray for Chester and his family, friends and fans and let’s try to be a little more compassionate and understanding of the depth of this horrible epidemic. Maybe (with a little more attention to the needs of others), well be able to save someone in the future.

God Bless you Chester and I hope you found some sort of peace🙏 Prayers & thoughts to you and you’re family and God speed friend……

FB rant over😡

In Him always,


Chester died of an apparent suicide by hanging yesterday (Thursday) morning. He was 41.

The coroner’s department is currently conducting a death investigation, with more information set for release later today.

Fans and celebrities took to social media Thursday to mourn the pasing of Bennington, who struggled with drug and alcohol addictions at various times during his life. He was married and is survived by six children.

Chester‘s Linkin Park┬ábandmate Mike Shinoda confirmed reports of Bennington‘s death, tweeting: “Shocked and heartbroken, but it’s true. An official statement will come out as soon as we have one.”

According to TMZ, Chester was scheduled to join his bandmates for a photo shoot in Hollywood today.

Sources told the site Chester arrived back in L.A. Wednesday from Arizona, where he and his wife were spending time.

One of Bennington‘s bandmates showed up at the singer’s Palos Verdes Estates home shortly after police arrived, according to the site. He said he was supposed to be driving Chester to the photo shoot and was “absolutely shocked.”



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