South Florida Prog Rock Songwriter ‘Barry Weinberg’ Launches ‘Beyond the Astral Sky’ Single


South Florida based musician and songwriter Barry Weinberg is set to launch his Prog Rock influenced album “Samsarana” in January 2018, but the musician is today announcing the imminent release of the first single. The song can be streamed below.

The single, ‘Beyond the Astral Sky,’ is an anthem, gorgeous track with soaring vocals. The song is the first in the series of singles taken from “Samsarana,” a release that sees the musician exploring through a number of styles evolving around Prog Rock.

About ‘Beyond the Astral Sky’ Weinberg says: “This song is very personal to me and actually one of the first songs I had ever written for the album. For years, this was purely a classical guitar piece with lyrics that I would play on my acoustic, but as I started to record it, I started experimenting with electric leads over the acoustic phrases and vocals and it evolved into what it is today.”

Lyrically ‘Beyond the Astral Sky’ is about hope in the face of despair. As Weinberg explains:

“It’s about that experience when you look around yourself, your life and the world you’re in, and get overwhelmed by the chaos, destruction, darkness, confusion, stress, hardship… and yet, in that moment of utter despair, you can look up at a star or into a child’s eyes, and although surrounded by darkness, you can begin envisioning a different world, a different life, a different future that’s inspiring, joyful, empowering. This is how we make change in our lives. This is how we make change in the world. Acknowledging and owning the darkest parts of ourselves and our lives that we hate and shifting our attention to a new intention, our ideal, our vision. It’s the light dot in the center of the dark part of the Taoist yin/yang symbol. This is where I was at when I wrote this song and this where the main ‘character’ is at in the story of ‘Samsarana.’”

More information about the upcoming album “Samsarana” will be revealed in the coming weeks.

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