‘Slow Bullet’ – ‘The Fiscal Year’ Available for Streaming


slowbullet_byanthonywillems-460x307Slow Bullet has premiered his second single at Impose Magazine. The song is called ‘The Fiscal Year’ and it comes from his forthcoming album, “Still Close Enough to Go Back” which will be available October 28th via Blood & Ink Records. The new track might be a bit melancholy, but it’s perfect for a slow saturday afternoon.

It has been said there is strength in “weakness”—in exposing fear and faults, doubts and despair and pain. If so, then Slow Bullet’s debut LP “Still Close Enough to Go Back” is as strong as an album gets. In it, singer and songwriter Sam DeBurgh exhibits a range of emotions. Recorded by Matt Frank (You Blew It!, Their / They’re / There, Annabel) at Atlas Studios in Chicago, IL, many of the tracks showcase DeBurgh’s quiet uncertainty. Songs like ‘The Fiscal Year’ feature a bristling bass and plodding drums, but the lacy guitars cling to these rhythm elements like spiderwebs; DeBurgh’s voice barely climbs above a murmur, even during the climactic chorus, where his lyrics painting a sober family portrait as colorful guitars splash against the beat. On the more volatile songs, though, Slow Bullet shows its full potential. ‘Let Us Not Grow Weary In Doing Good,’ the album’s opening track, builds up suddenly; here, the bass roils beneath stormy chords, and DeBurgh’s roar reveals his full humanity. This spectrum of emotion doesn’t make Slow Bullet special. Instead, the stories on “Still Close Enough to Go Back” are special in their rawness, in their red and sensitive execution. Here are songs simultaneously beautiful and brutal, fragile and furious. Here are songs that illustrate how and where and why there is strength in weakness.

Slow Bullet is the moniker of musician/songwriter Sam DeBurgh, from Racine, Wisconsin. Sam grew up going to hardcore shows in Chicago and Milwaukee and developed a love for the ethics and DIY spirit of the hardcore scene. Formed as Spider Mansion in 2014, Sam has done a handful of runs around the Midwest and up and down the East Coast. “Still Close Enough To Go Back” is Slow Bullet’s debut LP and was recorded with Matt Frank (You Blew It!, Annabel) at Atlas Studios in Chicago.

1. Let Us Not Grow Weary In Doing Good
2. The Fiscal Year
3. Forgive Yourself
4. Survival
5. Eating Puke
6. What A Friend
7. Penance
8. Love Song
9. How’s School Going?
10. Day Drunk At The Airport Bar
11. Man Is Born For Trouble As The Sparks Fly Upward



Tour dates w/Household:
11/02/16 Iowa City, IA @ The Warehouse
11/04/16 Cincinnati, OH @ Thompson house
11/06/16 Somerset, PA @ the somerset warehouse
11/07/16 Pittsburg, PA @ Cove
11/09/16 Media, PA @ The Depths
11/10/16 Taylor, MI @ Crosswinds Cottage
11/11-13/16 Grand Rapids, MI @ The Upper Room (Take Hold Fest)

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