Sleeping Romance and Federica Lanna Have Parted Ways, Looking for a New Singer


Italian symphonic metal band Sleeping Romance and the vocalist Federica Lanna have decided to part ways. Read more in the statement below.

The band broke the sad news today via their social media, stating: “A chapter of the Sleeping Romance story has sadly ended. Sleeping Romance and Federica Lanna have decided to part company, in mutual understanding, for the good of all parties involved. It was a very hard and sad decision for all of us, but we think it is for the best. Our opinions on music strayed away over time. We understood that it is better if everyone follows his/her own ideas without having to force anyone into doing things they are not up for. Nonetheless, it was a pleasure playing with Federica and having her voice with us for the first two albums. We all wish her the very best in her future projects.” 

Nevertheless, this is not the end for Sleeping Romance, as they’re looking for a replacement: “The new album is in the making, new songs are written and they are looking for the voice to bring them to life.”

More details on the post of a new vocalist can be read below. Check out Federica’s new project Volturian – debut album “Crimson” out now.

Hey friends,

We are looking for a new singer!

Do you have:
• a strong professional attitude (no diva behaviour please)
• great stage skills
• modern voice (no opera singing please 🙂 ), ready to experiment with different styles, tunes and techniques
• a team spirit
• the passion to learn and develop over time to bring the band ahead
• a kind and effective way to interact with fans on and out of the stage
• international background (we accept singers from all over the Europe 🙂 )
• good working level of English

Even if you are not a metal singer, if you recognise yourself or a friend in the description, please send an email to
Send some examples (video, links, mp3) and a short brief of your background as singer.

We are looking for you!
Il metallo!

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