May 282022

With Vetrar Draugurinn, the Brainstorm Festival has signed a great homegrown band. The band around singer Marjan Welman (Autumn, Ayreon) and guitarist Eric Hazebroek (Pilgrimage, ex-Stream of Passion) released the amazing “The Night Sky” this year. On that album you can hear what Vetrar Draugurinn is good at: melancholic post-doom!

The Dutch will open the festival on Friday, November 4, which completes the program for the mainstage that night. Besides Vetrar Draugurinn, you’ll encounter Wytch Hazel, Signum Regis and of course headliner Scar Symmetry that night. Not to mention the great bands playing on Saturday, November 5.

Video for ‘Mother of Northern Skies’

The 15th edition of the Brainstorm Festival will – of course – be held at Podium Gigant in Apeldoorn (NL). In addition to concerts on the mainstage, there will be a theater room for unplugged shows and interviews. The festival also offers an exhibition, a beer tasting and a small CD market.

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