‘Sinbreed’ – The Making of “Master Creator” – Vocals (Episode #4), Pre-Order Your Copy Now


sinbreed_2015_a01Sinbreed, the German power metal band featuring Frederik Ehmke (Blind Guardian), Flo Laurin, Alexander Schulz and Herbie Langhans (Radiant, Beyond the Bridge) will release their third release “Master Creator” will be released this week, February 24 2016 (JP) and February 26 (EU and US) through AFM Records.

See their fourth making of “Master Creator”video below, frontman Herbie Langhans tracking vocals for the new album.

The first single, ‘Creation of Reality’ is released in Jan. and the music video for ‘Moonlit Sky’ earlier this month.

“Marcus Siepen (guitar) has left the band of his own accord. There has not been – and there is not – any kind of disput. In fact since his main band Blind Guardian is touring that much, it was simply not possible for him to focus 100% on Sinbreed, like he did the past years. We are very thankful for having Marcus as a bandmember in our ranks for the last more than three years and we wish him nothing but the best.” You may read his full statement here.

Our review of “Master Creator” can be found here.


“Master Creator” tracklisting:

01. Creation Of Reality
02. Across The Great Divides
03. Behind A Mask
04. Moonlit Night
05. Master Creator
06. Last Survivor
07. At The Gate
08. The Riddle
09. The Voice
10. On The Run

Pre-Order “Master Creator” right here: https://afm.lnk.to/Sinbreed

Sinbreed is the project around Guitarist Flo Laurin who joined forces with dedicated artists of the European metal scene. The blistering combination of speed, melodic and aggressive arrangements combined with high and soaring vocals characterizes Sinbreed‘s distinctive Power metal.

Upcoming Shows:
Köln, 2016-04-02
Hannover, 2016-04-09 (Supporting Van Canto)
Berlin, 2016-04-10 (Supporting Van Canto)
More Dates TBA

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Video below: The Making of “Master Creator” – Vocals (Episode #4)

Video below: The Making of “Master Creator” – Guitars (Episode #3)

Video below: The Making of “Master Creator” – Drums (Episode #2)

Video below: The Making of “Master Creator” – Drums (Episode #1)

Video below: ‘Moonlit Sky”

Video below: ‘Creation Of Reality’

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