Silent Skies (Tom Englund (Evergrey) and Vikram Shankar (Redemption) to Release Debut Album In Dec. Cover Art + Tracklist Revealed


Tom Englund (Evergrey) and Vikram Shankar (Redemption) join forces as Silent Skies to release their debut record “Satellites”, which is characterized by an emotionally driven piano, which explores into soundtrack dimensions. Desolate, gloomy, but also hopeful, the compositions pave their way on “Satellites”, which are characterized by self-reflection and inner contemplation. With its almost hypnotic effect, this mélange creates images in the listener’s inner eye.

After launching this exciting new project a while ago with the first singles ‘Horizons’ and later ‘Solitude’ (including a beautiful music video directed by Patric Ullaeus), Silent Skies finally unveil detailed information on their highly anticipated debut record: titled, “Satellites,” the atmospheric 10-track album will be released on December 11th. via AFM Records.

If you voice Scandinavian melancholy and let it run through the virtuosic fingers of an Oberlin Conservatory film score graduate, you get Silent Skies. It is the sum of two individual musical journeys that came together by coincidence; some would even call it fate.

Tom S. Englund, vocalist of Swedish band Evergrey, and Vikram Shankar‘s ways crossed when Englund saw Shankar re-interpret one of his compositions on piano on YouTube. A swift email suggesting a collaboration gave birth to ideas of a musical landscape rooted in cinematic, film score music, driven by Shankar’s tender and emotive piano playing, but with the added sound of Englund‘s unique and charismatic vocals and strong melodic sensibility.

The compositions are both bleak and hopeful, setting a sombre tone, and with lyrics that stem from self-reflection and existential contemplation, the atmospheric music of “Silent Skies” is engrossing and hypnotizing, evoking in the listener visions for the inner eye.

Here Comes The Rain Again

“Satellites” will be available as Digipak and ltd. black/white double Vinyl. Pre-order here.

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