‘Signum Regis’ Announces New Vocalist Jota Fortinho, Lyric Video for New Single ‘I Always Go All-in’ Released


Slovakian Melodic/power metal band Signum Regis is stoked to announce the new lead singer, Jota Fortinho.

Jota was born in Brazil and played in numerous bands before he moved to Europe. He was invited to join Signum Regis in 2018. The band was very impressed by his previous work and also his interpretation of some of the older Signum Regis songs.

Jota has a very wide vocal range and can sing anything from the band’s catalog and beyond. His vocal inspirations are Andi Deris and Michael Kiske. Since he joined Signum Regis, Jota and the rest of the band were recording a new album, which is now 100% mixed and mastered.

In the video below you can hear Jota for the first time with Signum Regis singing the first single from the new album. The track is called ‘I Always Go All-in’.

Their latest & fifth full-length album “Decennium Premim” (meaning the 1st decade in Latin) has been released on March 17th. 2017. “Decennium Primum” feat. 10 tracks and is produced by Signum Regis, and mixed & mastered by Ronnie König.

Our review for “Decennium Primum” can be found here

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video for ‘I Always Go All-in’

Video for The story behind: ‘I Always Go All-in’


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