Scandroid (feat. Klayton) Releases ‘Shout’ Music Video (Tears For Fears Cover)


scandroidElectronic music project Scandroid released its self titled debut album on Nov. 10, the synthwave project from Detroit based artist/producer Klayton, best known for his multi-genre project Celldweller/Circle of Dust. The album also contains a cover of the classic world hit from the 80’s ‘Shout’ (Tears For Fears). The version of Scandroid can be watched in the video below.

Klayton says: “I was moved the instant I heard Tears For Fears’ ‘Shout’ on U.S. radio in 1985. I’ve always had the intention and desire to cover the song since then, but it really came into focus this year. What isn’t commonly known about the original song was that it was written during a time of political unrest and had political overtones. I felt that in light of the embarrassing circus that was the recent U.S. election, it was the perfect time for me to finally cover this song.”

The debut, self-titled Scandroid album features 15 tracks, ranging from the driving instrumental energy of ‘Destination Unknown,’ to melodic vocal tracks like ‘Awakening With You,’ ‘Aphelion,’ and ‘Neo-Tokyo,’ rounded out with the cinematic epics ‘2517’ & ‘Singularity.’ As a child of the 80’s, Klayton has also included a cover of the classic Tears For Fears song ‘Shout,’ that he has been patiently waiting to cover since he first heard the song on U.S. radio in 1985. The digital album concludes with a bonus remix from synthwave artist Waveshaper. The 72 minute album depicts themes of a cyberpunk future where humans and sentient robots struggle to find a connection in their dystopian world.

Scandroid is formed by Klayton (Circle of Dust/Celldweller) and Varien in 2013. The duo released its debut single on August 6, 2013, entitled ‘Salvation Code’.


01. 2517 (04:39)
02. Salvation Code (05:50)
03. Aphelion (05:34)
04. Shout (03:58)
05. Destination Unknown (03:38)
06. Connection (03:56)
07. Datastream (04:29)
08. Empty Streets (04:59)
09. Awakening With You (05:01)
10. Atom & E.E.V. (05:35)
11. Neo-Tokyo (06:13)
12. Pro-bots & Robophobes (feat. Circle of Dust) (04:02)
13. Eden (05:40)
14. Singularity (03:40)
15. Eden (Waveshaper Remix) (04:38)

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Video below: Scandroid – ‘Shout’

Video below: Tears For Fears – ‘Shout’

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