Scandinavian Metal Band ‘Essence of Sorrow’ Announce New Line-Up & New Album


essence-of-sorrow-reflections-of-the-obscure-20121003062300_575Essence of Sorrow the Finnish/Swedish based band founded by Jani Stefanovic (Solution .45, Miseration) released their debut album  in 2006 featuring both Mats Leven (ex.Yngwie Malmsteen, Gus G, ex.Therion, Candlemass) and Christian Palin (Random Eyes, ex.Adagio) on vocals. Due to Mats and his busy schedule, Christian Palin was set to take care of the live duties. The band got off with a promising start doing shows in Scandinavia and northern parts of main Europe. Although the band had a promising future ahead it would not be without bumps which sadly ended with putting the band on ice. The plan was always to put the band up in motion again just waiting for the right time. That time has come and after a few years of silence the band is back in business.

Essence of sorrow has a new line up and is working on new material planned to hit the markets 2016. Essence of Sorrow is joining forces with the talented Germán Pascual on vocals and Jaakko Nikko on bass.

Essence of Sorrow is comprised of: Germán Pascual – Vocals (ex. Mind´s Eye, ex. Narnia, ex, Empire 21), Jani Stefanovic – Guitars (Solution .45, Miseration), Tom Gardiner – Guitars (Red Eleven, Hateform, ex. Solution .45), Rolf Pilve – Drums (Solution .45, Stratovarius), Jaakko Nikko – Bass (Reversion, System Horizon).

essence of sorrow_2016


Video below:
“Reflections of the Obscure” (Full Album)


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