‘Roxx Records’ & ‘Christian Metal Distro’ Announce “Best of 2014” Compilation


best of 2014A very special compilation will be coming your way exclusively from Roxx Records and Christian Metal Distro this Holiday Season! 18 tracks featuring the best from Roxx Records and some of the best selling indie releases we featured this year at Christian Metal Distro!

Stay Tuned for full details on how you can get your digital or Limited Edition CD copy Exclusively at this years upcoming ‘Unblack Friday’ holiday weekend sale! (Which will last all the way through Cyber Monday) Check out this track listing below:

Best of Roxx Records 2014 Releases

1. Jupiter VI – ‘Face in the Sky’
2. Vengeance Rising – ‘Bishop of Souls’
3. Deliverance – ‘Stay of Execution’
4. Ultimatum – ‘Scattered’ (Body Parts)
5. Deliverance – ‘Slay the Wicked’
6. Pylon – ‘Saligia’
7. Taker – ‘Open your heart’

Best of the indies / Christian Metal Distro 2014 Best Sellers

8. Barren Cross – ‘White washed love’ (Exclusive Edit)
9. The Brave – ‘The Killing Floor’
10. Saint – ‘We all Stand’
11. GX Project – ‘Train Wreck’
12. Freakings – ‘Hate in our veins’
13. Letter 7 – ‘Archangel’
14. faithbomb – ‘So far away’
15. Darrel l Mansfield – ‘Thunder and Lightning’ (Remaster)
16. Promise Land – ‘Harmony in Ruins’
17. Ordained Fate – ‘Minions of the adversary’
18. Wretched Graverobber – ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’

Visit and like https://www.facebook.com/ChristianMetalDistro for full details soon

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