Arizona Skate Punk Band Reliance Releases New album “Running”


Arizona skate punk band Reliance releases new album “Running”, filled with positive energy and catchy melodic hooks. Bringing a message of hope through times of struggle, Reliance has upped its game for 8 new hard, fast, skate-worthy tracks. Recorded by Dave Klein at Dave Klein Studios, and mixed and mastered by Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore at The Blasting Room, this album rises to the top of the genre and is certain to please fans of Pennywise, Milencollin, and Lagwagon. The band’s single ‘Hard Times’ is currently in the rotation at a growing number of stations across the country.


  1. Helpless 01:55
  2. Hard Times 02:34
  3. 70×7 02:31
  4. Out of Hand 02:05
  5. Life or Death 02:32
  6. Stand Tall 03:15
  7. Against All Odds 01:43
  8. Running 03:07

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