‘Drottnar’ To Release New Album In October


Norway’s technical avant garde metallers [They call it selves Bunker Metal] Drottnar will release  their new album Stratum October 13th.  A video teaser can be seen below.

The band has released sofar, Doom of Antichrist [demo, 1997], A White Realm [promo, 1998], Spiritual Battle [2000], Anamorphosis EP [2003], Ad Hoc Revolt 7″ EP [2006] and Welterwerk [2006]. They are currently signed to Swedish label Endtime Productions [Extol, Antestor, Crimson Moonlight].

Current lineup:
Sven-Erik Lind – vocals
Karl Fredrik Lind – guitar
Bengt Olsson – guitar
Håvar Wormdahl – bass guitar
Glenn-David Lind – drums

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