‘Red Fist Revolution’ – ‘The Fall Of Goliath’


The title ‘The Fall Of Goliath’ suggest a version of the Biblical story about young David and the giant Goliath. Instead, Ben Stewart (Conspiracy Of Thought) made a rock-opera about an oppressive government. This album tells the story of Trooper Chrysalis as he works to overthrow the most divisive empire the world has ever know… The Goliath OverClass.

As the manifesto in the booklet describes, the Red Fist Revolution stands for a life-long struggle against ”Goliath, its OverClass, its World Economic System, and all organizations, corporations, governments, and like-entities that act to enslave the body, heart, mind, and soul of mankind.”

It’s like listening to an Occupy-item on television, except that this musical approach shows a bit more of the inner frustrations. Trooper is definitely unhappy with his society, that is not given any specific topografical details, but of course it’s free to all listeners to check his or her own government for ‘Goliath-like elements’.

Theologicly you could discuss if it’s wise to use the comparison with David and Goliath, as in the original story, it was Goliath’s blasphemous mocking of God that made David get in action. This spiritual element seems not to be Trooper’s motivation to start his Red Fist Revolution, although a clear statement about Trooper’s religious thought is made in ”Working Class Automaton”: ”This is a hymn for the working class automaton. I ain’t no slave in this mechanical scam. A battle cry for the working class automaton. I am the image of God, I am the fruit of the Lamb.”
I’m not sure about the tactics of this Trooper-character, but the fact that in the final songs he’s ‘Marching To Valhalla’ and focussed on a ‘New Jerusalem’, doesn’t seem like he really believes Goliath will actually fall, and finds his rest in the knowledge he’s just a ‘passing-through’ in this world. Nonetheless it’s cool to see somebody taking a stand against the injustice he means to see.

Ben’s musical approach is very diverse. My memories were thrown back in time to Jet Circus, Brain Child and Circle of Dust, but more often modern acts like Skillet and System Of A Down came to mind. It might be too diverse for some, as I can also understand that some will think the subject of this Red Fist Revolution is a bit too upfront to just listen to this as ‘entertainment’. Maybe it wasn’t meant that way either… Although a banging song like ‘Pound’ shouldn’t be such a problem for everyone, you sure need several listen-turns before you really get his (musical) point.

Rating: 7,5/10

Written by Hans van Vuuren, April 2012

Band Members:
Ben Stewart – All

Additional Musicians:
Jana Pitts – Backing vocals
Evan Human – Keyboard, Piano, Backing Vocals
Matt Roses – Backing vocals

1. Down In The Valley
2. The Bomb
3. Can’t Stop
4. Drowning Again
5. 30 Pieces
6. Paralyzed
7. Working Class Automaton
8. Time of Change
9. Class War
10. Pound
11. Fall Goliath Fall
12. Resuscitate
13. Marching To Valhalla
14. New Jerusalem

Record Label: Youngside Records, 2011

Weblinks: Website / Facebook / Reverbnation

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  1. This project is definitely thought provoking and may take a couple of listens to full grasp the concept but well worth it…

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