‘Random Eyes’ To Release An Experimental Album


Finnish melodic metal band Random Eyes is working on to launch chill experimental album just before the ep. The band commented ‘The idea consists some remixes of our known published albums, but in pop/jazz style. We want to relax, and maby you would like to relax after the work day with chill out stuff’.

Last month we told you that Christian Palin [founder of the band’s Random Eyes/Beyond Belief] has began to write the Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy which will take place to be published in this year 2012. The book is called: Beyond Belief. First opus that speaks about the culture and experiences in different parallel universe, but something in common to make it clear is, the struggle between good and evil always be present in any form of the universe.

The story behind Beyond Belief, The band Beyond Belief is created by Christian Palin, after meditation and patience. Music style differs from his current band´s [Random Eyes] style. To find musicians that are suitable and trusted for a large project, requires patience and dedication. The Beyond belief band-idea was created 3 years ago.

” 3 years ago I told my idea to Mikko Härkin, who has been a good friend of mine for years. He gave me good valuable advises, cuz he has extensive experience in professional music around metal scene.
After a while I mentioned my consept to my friend Sami Rönkkö, who is the lead-guitarist of Random Eyes. I told Sami the idea of futuristic compositions and even asked him to bring his own compositions and musical views for the band. Sami is also a guitar teacher, so his talent is very welcome to this band. Our music style is very peculiar, influences from our classical music education background can also be heard.

After being a singer in various bands and projects, I said: “ok, I’ve had ENOUGH! Then I decided to make my own way. When people are young you know, to find your own place in this world, tends to happen errors and you learn from those mistakes you made.

Beyond Belief is a very special band to me, because in this band I can bring all the ideas that have been inhibited by time. Mystical and supernatural experiences led me also to start to write a book called: “Beyond Belief”. The book wich album will take place in the world of music.
We live in times of change and music will be a part of a new changes on planet Earth. Greetings to all the people and soon we will be among you with stories and legends, Beyond Belief is here for good times. BE READY, HERE WE COME! WARRIORS OF TIME.”


Recently we had a conversation with Christian Palin and the other members of the Finnish melodic metal band Random EyesChristian talks about the new Random Eyes album. The new band Beyond Belief. The new Random Eyes music video, which will be released soon, and much more … You can it find the interview at this location.

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