R.A.I.D – New Album Cover Artwork & Tracklist Revealed


After releasing two singles in March and May, Hyderabad’s sole hardcore frontrunners R.A.I.D. have revealed artwork & tracklist for their upcoming new album “Imperium,” which will be released June 28th. through Rottweiler Records.

The band – who also incorporate crossover thrash elements for a sound that recalls hardcore bands like Hatebreed and Madball – released the quick-paced ‘Unbreakable’ in March, bundling it with another incendiary track called ‘Seven.’ In May, the unsparing track ‘Outrage’ was put together with ‘Steadfast,’ a bouncier, groovier offering. With four out of seven songs off “Imperium” already out, R.A.I.D. has revealed that the album is inspired by biblical character of Samson.

Vocalist and founder Rueban Issac told Rolling Stone India, “Samson was depicted as the epitome of strength in the bible. Though, we might not be like Samson, we, as individuals have unique strengths that we can use. No matter who you are, what age group you belong, or what the status of your life may be, you have a gift that you can use.”

Although they’re heavily influenced by Christian material, R.A.I.D. are clear that it’s more about the message than other matters. The new songs on “Imperium” — the followup to 2018’s “The Strong Survive” — deal with fighting pain and learning necessary lessons. “If there’s something ‘negative’ happening in your life right now, chances are that you need to learn to accept people the way they are. The album music shows you how to gather yourself and be stronger than you have ever been, based on everyday life experiences,” the vocalist adds.


1. Unbreakable
2. Seven
3. Outrage
4. Blind
5. Judged
6. Steadfast”
7. Imperium

R.A.I.D‘s debut album “The Strong Survive” has been released on July 13 via Rottweller Records. Our review can be found here

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Lyric video for ‘Unbreakable’

Lyric video for ‘Outrage



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