‘Pÿlon’ Launches ‘Indiegogo Campaign’ to Fund Limited Edition Vinyl Release of “Homo Homini Lupus”


Pylon_2011.2Roxx Records has been striving to bring you as many Christian Rock and Metal releases as we possibly can but sometimes we need a little helping hand, actually this is the first time we have tried something like this and can use some support from those of you out there willing and able. We have several releases in the pipeline still this year and on into next year, but we need a little help with this one to make it a reality for the band Pÿlon.

* Pÿlon are the premiere Christian Doom Metal band based in Switzerland who are now on their sixth studio release. Release number 5 and 6 both hailing from Roxx Records by way of their albums titled “The Harrowing of Hell” and “Homo Homini Lupus”. “The Harrowing of Hell” was released on CD and a Limited Edition  vinyl version which is now out of print and Sold Out. “Homo Homini Lupus’ was just released on CD (June 3rd.) and features 7 brand new tunes featuring the recently released single ‘Salagia’ and a very cool interpretation of the Slayer tune ‘South of Heaven’ which features a guest appearance from Tim Gaines of the band Stryper.
* With the costs of vinyl so high it makes it very difficult to produce a lot of the titles we would love to put out on vinyl. So this one we really need help from the fans and supporters out there to see if we can make this one a reality!
* This release will become an instant collectors item and will definitely hold its value for years to come! We will only be manufacturing 200 copies of this and each and everyone of them on a spectacular White Vinyl platform!

Our review for “Homo Homini Lupus” can be found here.


Pÿlon have also recruited the vocal talents of Jordan Cutajar of Nomad Son to handle all of the vocal duties on this brand new effort. Matt Brand will continue to handle all guitars along with the talents of Oliver Schneider. Rounding out this highly anticipated release will be Reto Hardmeier on bass and Beni Mayer on drums.

Pre-Order package are available now and the first 100 pre-orders will come with an exclusive lithograph hand signed by all of the members of Pÿlon.

Pÿlon‘s fifth album, “The Harrowing Of Hell”, was released in 2012 on vinyl and in 2013 on CD as a collaborative effort between Roxx Productions and Quam Libet Records. The effort contained six original compositions, including ‘Returnal Etern’ and ‘Psalm 139b’ as well as a re-imagining of Black Sabbath‘s ‘Paranoid’.

Pÿlon have also released a split album with British doom metallers My Silent Wake”Empyrean Rose” which is released in November 2013.

Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to do an interview with PÿlonIf you have missed it, click here.

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Video below ‘Saligia’

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