Project Aegis Releases Studio Video for ‘Collide and Spark’


Ulterium Records presents a new April 2020 quarantine studio video for ‘Collide & Spark,’ the first Project Aegis charity song from 2013. ‘Collide & Spark’ is an all-star charity track for sale with 100% of the income going to The Bridge Bunch, an organization dedicated to serving the homeless population of Nashville, TN, in the United States.

The song was composed by Theocracy vocalist and songwriter Matt Smith. It features vocals by Nils K. Rue (Pagan’s Mind), Henrik Båth (Darkwater), Elin Redin (End of September) and Smith, as well as a guitar solo by Markus Sigfridsson (Darkwater, Harmony, All Things Fallen).

Matt says: “After the success of ‘Angel In the Ashes’ and ‘And the Rest Is Mystery,’ I thought it was too bad we didn’t have a similar video for ‘Collide & Spark’—especially after we saw that several people thought there were only two Project Aegis songs. Then, with everyone being sequestered at home, I thought, ‘Well, why don’t we just do a video now?’ Thankfully Nils, Henrik, Elin and Markus were on board. Enjoy, and please help us spread it around—remember, every cent from the sale of this song goes to feed Nashville’s homeless via The Bridge Bunch, and given the recent tornado damage and now the pandemic, they could really use the help. Stay safe out there, and God bless!”

The Bridge Bunch is a ministry of Sanctuary International in Nashvile to their houseless friends on the streets. In an interview we did in Aug. 2011 with pastor Bob Beeman he said the following:

‘I am excited about the thousands of people who listen to my 3 minute Sanctuary devotions every day. I will begin this year to do a lot of new podcasts – this time VIDEO! The Bridge bunch is a ministry to the homeless that I started here in Nashville, Tennessee where I live. We are now serving food to 3,000 homeless people every month!’

Read the entire interview with Pastor Bob here

‘Collide & Spark’ can be purchased here:
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