Progressive Metal band Tsidkenu Reveals Artwork from Upcoming Album “Apocalipsys Magna”, Preview of Upcoming Single ‘Mi Destino’ Posted Online


The Christian Progressive metal band from Honduras, Tsidkenu are working on their third album which carrries the title “Apocalipsys Magna”. The album cover art can be seen below. Alongside that they reported the following”

“Our third album is almost ready. Many questions that will be answered with great surprises in the following weeks. This is just beginning”

.. and check out their video for ‘Speed Harmony’ which has been released in August.

Video for ‘Mi Destino’ (My Destiny)

Video for ‘Speed Harmony’

Saul Vasquez: Lead Singer
Hugo Duron: Guitar
Thomas Duron: Keyboards
Luis Montesi: Drums
Donald Vasquez: Bass

Socials: Facebook Twitter Spotify / Instagram / Website

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