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For Old timers, Power Quest has been a familiar name since March 2001, when Steve Williams parted ways with DragonForce, and approached Steve Scott (Ex- Shadowkeep) to join him for bass. Eventually Sam Totman and Adam Bickers joined them on guitars (temporarily) while vocalist and rhythm guitarist Alessio Garavello, who was recommended to the band by Maurizio Chiarello (the label manager at Underground Symphony Records) brought along, Andrea Martongell and replaced Adam Bickers relieving him off his guitar duties. The band didn’t have a stable drummer until Francesco Tresca decided to join Power quest fulltime. Fast forward to 2013, and we hear Steve announcing the split quoting lack of financial and record label support.

After a three-year hiatus, Steve Williams through his Youtube channel and bands’ website announced the regroup of the Power Metal band Power Quest. On 29th June this year the band confirmed the release of their sixth Studio album, “Sixth Dimension”. With this we saw Andy Kopczyk (of I AM I fame) along with Glyndwr Williams (of Triaxis) joining the ranks as permanent members of the band, alongside Ashley Edison on Lead vocals, Paul Finnie thumping on bass and Rich Smith lashing the drums. The album is due to release on the 13th October on Inner Wound recordings. It was recorded and mixed at Rogue Studios, London by Alessio Garavello  and Steve Williams, mastered by Jens Bogren (of Dragonforce, Symphony X, Arch Enemy fame) and artwork for the cover by Felipe Machado Franco ( of Blind Guardian, Rhapsody of Fire, Iced Earth fame).

Power quest’s music style is known for its flamboyant and euphoric guitar/keyboard solos, showcasing their technical prowess of the instrument, pitch high vocals that progresses a notch higher with every verse, while retaining the melody muffled within screams. Rich Smith pumps in life with boisterous beats that percolates the songs and makes them upbeat. “Lords of Tomorrow” exhibits the signature PQ style, all geared up, powered up, unleashing the rip-roaring riot that is Power Quest.

“Starlight City” rumbles with a pounding bassline, enchants with a mesmerising chorus and power punched guitar solo that blazes through the sky conspicuous enough to get you hooked for the next song. “Kings and Glory”, the first single from the album is a traditional speedy power metal romp with a typically glorious vibe in the vein of Sacred Land, Glory Tonight and Survive.

“Face the Raven” was released on 10th September 2016 as an EP and it reminded me so much of the Hard rock era of Iron Maiden. This song had all the elements to make it a cult classic. The soaring high vocals, rollicking guitar solo harmonising and sweep picking, just puts this song on a different pedestal. “No more heroes”,  “Pray for the day” and “Revolution Fighters” sound straight out of the hard rock / Glam rock era, maintaining a steady and buoyant mood, while still kicking it with melody and charm, giving the album so much more than anticipated.

“Coming House” is a powerhouse of melody and astounding guitar shreds. The self-titled eponymous track “Sixth Dimension” starts of heavy and upbeat, adds a symphonic aura as it moves on to a melodic verse. A very hypnotic interlude breaks off and blasts into a pelting guitar solo, introducing us to a guest vocalist Anette Olzon, and an outro piece on piano signing off this record in style.

Production : The sound is well balanced, all the instruments get their fair share of spotlight. The low tones are subdued, but then that’s sort of expected of this blitzing record.

Conclusion: The song writing on this album is mature, and it lives up to its brand.  Hats off to all the tremendous guitar and keyboard solo, and kudos to the drummer for keeping the spirits high! Three years is a long time, but the wait was worthwhile as the output is exponential. I recommend you buy it!

Rating: 9/10

Written by: Ankit Sood

Track listing
01. Lords of Tomorrow
02. Starlight City
03. Kings and Glory
04. Face the Raven
05. No More Heroes
06. Revolution Fighters
07. Pray for the Day
08. Coming Home
09. The Sixth Dimension

Band members:
Ashley Edison – Vocals
Steve Williams – Keyboards
Andy Kopczyk – Guitars
Glyn Williams – Guitars
Paul Finnie – Bass
Rich Smith – Drums

“Wings of Forever” [2002]
“Neverworld” [2003]
“Magic Never Dies” [2005]
“Master of Illusion” [2008]
“Blood Alliance” [2011]
“Sixth Dimension” [2017]

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Video for ‘Kings And Glory’

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