Poured Out – “Blind Heart”


blind heartHardcore-band ‘Poured Out’ from Baltimore, Maryland, is formed in 2014 and are now signed to Facedown Records. Their debut self-released EP “Blind Heart”, was recorded and engineered by Josh Schroeder at Random Awesome. Poured Out now bring their dynamic Maryland-style hardcore to Facedown Records with the re-release of “Blind Heart”.

In May they will start recording their full-length album with a summer release date. They have also been added to the line up for the 2016 Facedown Fest in Pomona, CA on May 14.

First track ‘Unconditional’ begins with classic feedback, the guitar players know what I mean. Directly followed by blistering riffs and the typical hardcore-flow. A lot of different tempo’s are passing by. The song also ends with feedback to fluently pass into the next song ‘American Justice’. Again a song that captivates right from the start with it’s aggressiveness. The breakdowns with bass-filled drops are gut wrenching. Randy does not have the typical high pitched hardcore voice but a throat like sandpaper instead. His screaming remind me a bit of the screams of John Healy from Those Who Fear.

Hymn Of A Broken Man’ is more of an up-tempo song. Again the aggressiveness that is consistent in every song on this EP. This is no happy-hardcore, not that there is anything wrong with that. But boy, this is heavy hardcore. It has some influences from the nineties as far as the hardcore part is concerned. At the middle of the song it all comes to a stand-still with off chord clean guitar parts. And from there the song is starting to build up again. Interesting!

The album rages forth with the song ‘Poured Out’. Bashing the drums and building up to fast paced riffs. But again interspersed with a lot of tempo changes, as a matter of fact the whole song is slowing down to the end. Of course we also have the obligated crowd screams in this song.

Last song already, that is the problem with EP’s, they are so short. This song is called ‘Beloved’. What to say about it that I haven’t mentioned in the above? Well, I don’t know to be honest. Everything is said. It has all the aforementioned components. Interesting to say the least. The album ends how it started, with feedback….

My opinion after having heard this album for a few times now is altered a bit. At first listen I thought: “Isn’t Facedown too fast with this band? Shouldn’t they first release this album at Strike First Records?” (Strike First is also of Facedown but more for beginning bands.) But like I said, I have changed my opinion. After listening more closely I hear a lot more depth in the songs and it surprises the average hardcore listener from time to time by doing it just a little bit different. So I understand Facedown by now and couldn’t agree more. Now the wait has started for their first full-length album this summer. I know I will give it a listen when it drops…..

Rating: 7/10

Written by: René Woning

Track Listing:
1. Unconditional 3:17
2. American Justice 4:14
3. Hymn of a Broken Man 5:22
4. Poured Out 3:57
5. Beloved 3:56

Band members:
Vocals – Randy Lyvers
Guitar – Ridge Rhine
Bass – Grant Johnstone
Drums – Matt Dooley

Blind Heart” (2016)

Record label: Facedown Records, April 2016

Weblinks: Facebook

Buy the album here:
Holland: First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

Video for ‘American Justice’

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