Pop Punk/Rock Band ‘Broadside’ Battle Anxiety with ‘Laps Around A Picture Frame’


With the release of Paradise a week away, Broadside has partnered with Substream Magazine to deliver the unique track ‘Laps Around A Picture Frame.’ For the first time ever, guitarist Dorian Cooke steps up to the mic to lend his harmonies on lead vocals, followed by front-man Ollie Baxxter attaching himself as the song addresses anxiety from two points of view.

“We wanted to capture two completely different humans having the exact same mental breakdown,” explains Cooke. “We wrote the music, lyrics, and arrangement around a panic attack in a crowded environment. Even the name is an exercise for panic attacks taught to me by a therapist. The persona I represent is of someone that’s on the higher end of the social spectrum – someone popular and beautiful on the outside, but has that constant struggle internally. On his role, Baxxter adds, “I portray a young female persona shaped by the harshness of her environment, which is a story shared with me by a close friend whenever she is in a public setting. I know it’s something much more common than people tend to show.”

Tonight marks the final night of their tour behind the upcoming album, but fans can expect a new tour announcement on Monday. Broadside recently announced a pair of festival shows including Syke Fest on July 15 in their native Richmond, VA, and they will headline the Sophomore Slump Fest in Greensboro, NC on August 5.

Cast your vote now for Broadside as ‘Best Underground Band’ at the Alternative Press Music Awards and see what happens on July 17, 2017.

Pre-orders for Paradise are available now, and include a variety of items such as Paradise on CD and vinyl, multiple t-shirt designs, sunglasses, beach towels and posters. All pre-orders will include an ‘instant download of “Puzzle Pieces.’

“Paradise” Track Listing:
1. Hidden Colors
2. Paradise
3. Lose Your Way
4. Disconnect
5. Laps Around A Picture Frame
6. Who Cares
7. Tunnel Vision
8. Summer Stained
9. Miss Imperius
10. Puzzle Pieces
11. I Love You. I Love You. It’s Disgusting

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Video below ‘Laps Around A Picture Frame’

Video below: ‘Puzzle Pieces’

Video for ‘Paradise’

Video for: ‘Hidden Colors’



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