Pop Punk Band ‘Heart Like War’ Releases ‘Crazy Xmas’ Single/Music Video


hlw-crazy_christmas_afcPop Punk Band ‘Heart Like War’ has released a Christmas track, “Crazy Xmas’, check out the music video below. You can also download the track from bandcamp for free.

Heart Like War’s latest album “Fired Up” is released on June 7th. through Thumper Punk Records. “Fired Up” boasts catchy melodic pop punk songs that ignite the passion within. The tracks feature honest energy and an uplifting message. This is a follow-up to Heart Like War’s debut independent 2012 album “Party Propaganda Machine” recorded at Monkey Trench Studios with Mike Herrera of MXPX.

Our review of “Fired Up” Can be found here.

Heart Like War seeks to inspire youth through positive lyrics that uplift the soul and encourage the heart. The band proclaims Christ’s love to overcome the evil in the war of life.

‘Crazy Christmas’ – Lyrics

Looking back at a crazy year
I almost lost my self-esteem
I was scared to be myself
I failed more than anyone
Losing close relationships
I don’t believe hope is lost

It’s Christmas time (it’s Christmas time)
Everyone is crazy
Merry Christmas baby
Cheers to another crazy year

When everything is changing fast
Sometimes I don’t know myself
Fighting for a dying dream
I won’t give up, I can’t give in, even they tell me no
I’ll shoot a bulls eye in the dark

You’re crazy, I’m crazy, it’s a crazy year
Crazy Christmas! Crazy Christmas!



Heart Like War band members include David Camarena (vocals/guitar), Andrew Camarena (drums/FX) and David Robledo (bass/back-up vocals).

Weblinks: Facebook / Website / Bandcamp

Video below: ‘Crazy Xmas’

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