Pirate Metal Band Cat O’ Nine Tails Releases first Single ‘Black Sails’ from Upcoming Album


Finnish pirate metal band Cat O’ Nine Tails recently released the first single from the “Dark Waters & Brighter Seas” double album which will be released next month. The track ‘Black Sails’ can be streamed in the video below.

“If someone would ask what song represents the “Dark Waters” album best, this would be the one. The black metal vibe on the verse riff, the bridge has an amazing and dark mood and the chorus is catchy and easy to sing-along. Very dark and personal lyrics finalize the experience. This is going to be the first single of the album!”

“Dark Waters & Brighter Seas” is the follow-up to “Under Captain’s Flag” (2015).

“Dark Waters”

1. Dark waters
2. Rekindle the Flame
3. Ship Damage
4. Black Sails
5. Davy Jones’ Locker
6. Drown
7. Gone with the Wind
8. Dead in the Water
9. Fire Burned Up

“Brighter Seas”

1. Fire Sail With Me pt. I
2. Fire Sail With Me pt. II
3. Fire!
4. The Rougher the Seas
5. A Cross, a Heart and an Anchor
6. The Fortune of John Marrou
7. Finest Booty
8. Fiddler’s Green


Cat O’ Nine Tails – the first Christian pirate metal band – rises from the coasts of Finland. The birth of this four-piece pirate crew dates back to 2012 when bassist Tuomas Kannisto (also known for the band HB) and guitarist Samuel Savander started to write music with this very unique twist. The crew needed a captain and thus a versatile vocalist Janne Heiskanen joined the band. The rhythm section was flogged by Lauri Tuomenoksa who then abandoned the ship and was replaced by Eetu Pesu in 2016.

The recordings for the epic debut album ”Under Captain’s Flag” began in the late summer of 2013 at Kiipu Studios under Antti Niskala‘s protection. Last notes and soundscapes were added in early 2015. The self-published debut album was released in 25.4.2015 on the bands first live-show in Immortal Metal Fest.

Cat O’ Nine Tails aims now for the international waters and continues to create new music with open-minded experimentation.

Our review of “Under the Captain’s Flag” can be found here.

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Video (audio) for ‘Black Sails’

Video for “Dark Waters & Brighter Seas” (teaser)

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