‘PelleK’ New Cover Posted Online ‘She’s Gone’


PelleKPelleK has posted a new video ‘She’s Gone’. ‘She’s Gone’ is a classic ballad of heavy metal band Steelheart, the band fronted by Miljenko Matijevic. ‘She’s Gone’ is a song off their selftitled debut album which was released in 1990. The video can be viewed below, the song is also available for free download from his website

PelleK‘s second album “Oceans Of Opportunity” has been released earlier this month, on May 10. “Ocean Of Opportunity,” is a new fully orchestrated conceptual release about the cultures and oceans of the world.For the sophomore release, PelleK has become more of a band and less of a solo release for the singer. Check our album review of the new album here.

“Ocean of Opportunity” is a 9-track melodic metal concept album mastered by Scott Atkins [Sylosis, Cradle of Filth+], featuring artwork from Jan Yrlund [Manowar, Korpiklaani+], and with the songwriting and stunning vocals of the frontman PelleK.The album will take you on a unique journey of revelation, self-realization and ultimate fulfillment, with deep and captivating lyrics accompanied by not only a heavy thick bass sound and progressive guitars and drums, but also real brass instruments, flutes, harmonicas and a variety of ethnic instruments.

Allthough being signed and having his debut album [Bag of Tricks] in shops worldwide, PelleK has chosen to release this album independently. The physical album will be sold from pellek.com, in certain shops, and will be on every digital platform on the internet, like iTunes, Amazon etc.

PelleK is famous for his powerful 4 octave vocal range, and has within a short period of time gotten millions of views on youtube, sung with singers from Kamelot, Avantasia, Trillium, Seventh Wonder, At Vance, ReinXeed++, been played live on huge televised e-sport events, done over 100 gigs through out the EU/UK and recieved incredible live-reviews. PelleK also sings for the band “Damnation Angels” whos debut album was critically acclaimed and voted best album of 2012 by many people, for instance UK’s Fireworks magazine and progpower USA owner and promoter Glenn Harveston.


1. Elucidation
2. Northern Wayfarer
3. Sea Of Okhotsk
4. Brigantine Of Tranquility
5. Gods Pocket
6. Stars And Bulletholes
7. Sky Odyssey
8. Transmigration
9. The Last Journey

Band members:
PelleK [Damnation Angels] – Vocals
Patrick Fallang – Guitars
Ingemar Bru – Bass
Stian Andrè Braathen [Highland Glory] – Drums

Weblinks: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Video below for: “She’s Gone”

Video below for: ” Northern Wayfarer”

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