‘Mortification’s’ Mainman ‘Steve Rowe’ Announces Retirement


Mortification feb. 2012 Steve Rowe founder, bass guitarist, and vocalist of the Australian metal band’s  ‘Mortification’ & ‘Wonrowe Vision’, announces retirement in 2015, marking both his 50th birthday and 30 years in the Christian music industry.

Steve states “I have made a decision that I will be retiring from Christian Music as of 2015. Not exactly sure when in 2015, but our Australian Manager Vic Campbell and I are working on a plan to perform a BIG Double-Header Wonrowe Vision/Mortification show at a major festival here in Australia at some point during 2015. We are all pretty sad about this decision but when it is time, it is time. The reasons are purely physical and financial. I have always known that when the financial strain became so harsh that it started affecting my health and family then that would be the time to plan to finish. The good news is that both bands will still be active until the last show and of course I will always be around and involved in Heavy Gospel Music!! I am assured that ALL members of Mortification past and present will honour the Mortification legacy and that all will be happy to let Mortification rest where it is left!!!!!!! In 2015 I will celebrate my 50th Birthday, 30 years in Gospel Heavy Rock and Heavy Metal Mission, 25 years Mortification, 5 years Wonrowe Vision and 18 years out of triple cancer! A BIG YEAR ON WHICH TO PLACE A BIG FULL STOP.”

Video below for: Mortification – “Scrolls of the Megiloth”

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