‘Orphaned Land’: ‘Heavy Metal Envoys To Muslim World’


According to The Jerusalem Post, Israeli progressive folk metal masters Orphaned Land held a press conference in Tel Aviv yesterday (Thursday, September 8 ) ahead of their September 10 concert at the Unirock Open Air Festival in Istanbul, Turkey. During the press conference, they expressed their hope that their success and the adoration of their fans from countries branded by Israel as “enemy states” could be used as a model for repairing ties with Turkey.

“A situation has been created where we are Israel’s only ambassadors to Turkey,” lead vocalist Kobi Farhi (picture) said, adding “we have become an example that can be used as a model for our leaders. It’s about how through music you can create something as simple as friendship between the two peoples. It happens at our shows when I turn the microphone to the crowd and they sing back to me in Hebrew, or when I sing to them in Turkish or Arabic.

Farhi said that some have called for the band to boycott Turkey, especially following the recent downgrade in ties.

“Artists don’t boycott and I don’t appreciate those artists who decide to boycott one person or another,” he said. He added the band hasn’t considered canceling because “in Turkey we feel at home. At times we felt some fear about going right now, but we they can’t let this feeling stop us at a time like this because these days, we’re Israel’s only ambassador in Turkey and in the Arab world. We are flying as musicians, but we also feel that we’re going as representatives of our country and our people. We’re hearing so many voices of anger and conflict between the two sides these days, and we want people to hear a different voice, a voice that says look, here’s a crowd of thousands that is getting along perfectly, let this be an example.”

Orphaned Land‘s new concert DVD, The Road To OR-Shalem, will be released on October 24 in Europe and November 1 in the U.S. via Century Media Records.

The Road To OR-Shalem “is the premier Middle Eastern progressive metal crusaders’ DVD debut and documents the band’s incredible mission to unite warring factions in their home region through the power of music. Filmed in Tel Aviv, Israel in December 2010, The Road To OR-Shalem’ features nearly two hours of stunning live material, as well as a second bonus DVD. The bonus DVD material includes additional live footage, a behind-the-scenes documentary and video clips.”

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The Tour To OR Shalem:
11.11.2011 – France – Le Poste a Galene, Marseille
12.11.2011 – Spain – Salamandra 2, Barcelona
13.11.2011 – Spain – Ramdall, Madrid
15.11.2011 – France – Ubu, Rennes
16.11.2011 – Switzerland – Z7 Kulturfabrik, Pratteln
18.11.2011 – France – Le Forum, Vaureal
19.11.2011 – France – CC John Lennon, Limoges
20.11.2011 – Belgium – Biebob, Vosselaar
22.11.2011 – United Kingdom – Borderline, London
24.11.2011 – Germany – Turock, Essen
25.11.2011 – The Netherlands – Willemeen, Arnhem
26.11.2011 – France – Metal Ride Festival, Nancy
27.11.2011 – The Netherlands – Baroeg, Rotterdam
29.11.2011 – Denmark – The Rock, Copenhagen
01.12.2011 – Germany – Die Pumpe, Kiel
02.12.2011 – Germany – Ballroom, Osnabruck
03.12.2011 – Germany – HDJ, Pforzheim
04.12.2011 – Germany – Backstage Club, Munich
06.12.2011 – Austria – Viper Room, Viena
07.12.2011 – Hungary – Club 202, Budapest
08.12.2011 – Romania – Irish Music Club, Cluj Napoca
09.12.2011 – Romania – Silver Church, Bucharest

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