‘Oriental Metal’ – A ‘Century Media’ Compilation Edited By ‘Kobi Farhi’ [Orphaned Land]


We are all familar with Swedish Death Metal, Norwegian Black, Finland’s Folk, and you also know Oriental Metal mainly because of Orphaned Land.

Oriental Metal is a nicely priced compilation featuring 11 of the very few bands who can be considered experts at Oriental Metal. Historical lyrics and ethnic sounds come together on this excellent survey of bands, which includes Orphaned Land, Nile, Myrath, Pentagram [Turkey], Melechesh, and six more. The album will be released on 27th February. Tracklist can be seen below.

The compilation has a great booklet with photos and info about all the bands + a killer artwork and above all that, the music – Oriental Metal! Take your self to a Metallic musical journey through the sands of the east. Pre-order your copy NOW at the Orphaned Land’s webshop.

Orphaned Land – Sapari
Amaseffer – Slaves For Life
Arkan – Deus Vult
Pentagram – Lions In A Cage ()
Myrath – Merciless Times
Almana Shchora – Elohim
Nervecell – The Taste Of Betrayal
Khalas – El Adala Mayel
Nile – Kaffir
Melechesh – Grand Gathas Of Baal Sin
Sand Aura – Fountains Of Muses

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