Opus Irae’s Brutal Yet Melodic Debut Single ‘The Burden of Man” Is Now Available on Spotify & iTunes


Pre-order Opus Irae debut single ‘The Burden of Man’ now on iTunes, foreshadowing the release of the full length “Into the Endless Night”. Mix/master by Dan Swanö. Exclusively on iTunes with multi page digital booklet.

Classy and with exceptional song writing skills – Opus Irae will restore your faith in the medium of extreme music to both soothe and crush your spirit, transporting you away to ethereal realms of darkness… Building on the kult foundations of early Emperor and Dimmu Borgir, their music will cause your soul to roar in the delicate beauty of classical music before brutally bringing you back down to the black extremities.

Opus Irae have been founded in 2011 in their Heimat of Southern Germany. There have been exclusive live appearances at the Elements of Rock (CH), Blast of Eternity (D) and Destruction Fest (UK) as well as in several metal clubs.

The band is comprised of: Dorn – Vocals, Regen – Guitars, Feuer – Guitars, Stern – Female Vocals, Nacht – Grand Pianos & Keyboards, Wut – Drums.

Upcoming Shows
Nov. 10 – Brainstorm Festival 2018, Apeldoorn (NL)

Weblinks: Website / Facebook / iTunes  / Spotify

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