One-man Spirit Filled Black/Doom Metal Band ‘Ascending King’ Drops Debut EP “Funeral Of A Species”


One-man spirit filled black/doom metal band Ascending King (Aaron Kirby) released its debut EP “Funeral of a Species” yesterday. Copies of “Funeral Of A Species” are available for purchase here. This is the first official Nosral Recordings release.

Tracklist: 1. Stench Of Man, 2. Genesis Of Desolation, 3. Rupture In The Northern Sky, 4. Moon Of The Dead, 5. Eternal Extinction Of Apollyon’

Last year August, Ascending King released a single titled ‘Genesis of Desolation’ through SkyBurnsBlack Records. 

More info on Ascending KingFacebook / Noisetrade / Bandcamp

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