‘Nosral Recordings’ Announces first Signing ‘Ascending King’


Michael John Larson (Sebat), guitarist of Frost Like Ashes recently launched a new lo-fi Christian black metal label called Nosral Recordings. He has checked in with the following:

“I am happy to announce the first artist to join the Nosral Recordings roster: Ascending King. Raw Black Metal at its finest!”

Ascending King is a one-man Christian Black/Doom Metal band (Aaron Kirby). Working to spread the Gospel

Last year August, Ascending King released a single titled ‘Genesis of Desolation’ through SkyBurnsBlack Records. The band’s upcoming EP, “Funeral of a Species” will be released sometime this year. We keep you posted.

More info on Ascending King: Facebook / Bandcamp


Nosral Recordings is looking for any spirit-filled black metal, noize, ambient, or grind artists. Nosral Recordings will maintain it’s autonomy, but will be under the wing of Rottweiler Records as well.

Please go give the Nosral Recordings Facebook page a like and/or follow them on Twitter.

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