One-Man Metal Band ‘Shadow Puncher’ Releases “One Path To The Heavenly Kingdom” (Early Stuff Combined as One Release with Extra Tracks)


One-man metal band Shadow Puncher has released all the early stuff combined as one release with extra tracks. the album which carries the title “One Path To The Heavenly Kingdom” is available from Bandcamp.

1. Forgiveness 04:01
2. The Landscape of Destiny 01:11
3. The Golden Lamb 03:26
4. A Fulfilled Testimony 03:00
5. The Lion Of The Tribe 04:13
6. Hate 02:14
7. Resurrection 03:13
8. Unchained 05:57
9.Salme 67 04:47
10. The Light In The Darkness 01:19
11. The Creator 03:29
12. The Golden Throne Of Justice 04:31
13. Herrin Er Min Hyrde 03:22
14. The Messiah 06:36
15. Into The Light 01:34
16. Shaped In The Image Of Christ 00:34
17. Through The Needle Eye 04:56
18. Reborn 03:21
19. No Despair 05:07
20. Holy Ghost 04:24
21. The Landscape Of Destiny (Nattesorg Remix) 05:45

Shadow Puncher is formed by Max Kevin Ølstøren, the brainchild of the project. Influenced by Metallica, Pantera and SepulturaMax began recording his own music. In July of 2017, the project released two albums, an EP titled “The Path of Challenges” and his debut album, “The Throne of Justice and Love.”

The month following the two releases, he released a second EP, titled “No Despair.” In October 2017, he signed to Nosral Recordings. Shadow Puncher‘s first Nosral release has been released on Feb. 23rd.

Our review for Shadow Puncher‘s self-titled album can be found here.

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